Fast Food Lists : The best place is “IT Park”

The best place of fast food lists :

 It is the Best Place of Fast Food Lists: IT Park. The heaven of fast food lists that makes you greedy. Hey, if you live in Nagpur and haven’t been to IT park, I think you don’t deserve to be a part of Nagpurian. As far as I know, IT has full potential for fast food lovers’ that they can enjoy their favorite foods. Being a nagpurian, I love to visit here, and whenever I feel hungry, I select this place because I have many options there, but I confuse about what to eat sometimes because there are so many foods are cooked like, noodles, chapati, Chinese, chicken, pizza, burger, all type of paratha, etc. I am sure you will be tired of reading such fast food list.

Once you visit here, I hope you would never be disappointed. Definitely, you get whatever you want.  Samosa, Kachori, Paratha, Various recipes of egg & Chicken, Rolls, Various forms of rice, Chinese, etc. So, what would you like to have from this food??, the question arises in mind, & the perfect answer will give your heart.

How I handled Fast Food lists ??

Eagerly, I am always trying to visit here for a long time so that I can stay here a little longer, & the main reason is to target this area is to know how is cooked, and how many foods are available here. Meeting new chefs is always beneficial for me in teaching new foods step by step. I was shocked when I saw the fast-food lists because of various varieties.
In the evening, I went along with my friends on account of being hungry. After seeing many food thella, seriously, we got confused on seeing various fantastic foods such as Pav bhaji, paneer, rolls, noodles, etc.
“What!! how tasty these look like”, I said to my friends. They agreed to my way of saying. Now, we were to select the most favorite food and sit for a long time. Now that we were about to order, we went for chicken rice. I am always interested in knowing how scrumptious foods are cooked and what is mixed in them for making them tasty. The main ingredients, and their amount of using play an important role in every food. Since we were relaxed, we had been sitting here for a long time.
Carefully, I was peeping at various foods which were being cooked by many chefs. Talking to my friends, I kept seeing how pav bhaji was being cooked. After staying for around two hours, we left.

Let’s know why fast food lists famous as “Food Bazar” :

Since there have fast-food lists, it attracts many strangers. Especially, youngsters can be seen in large number.
If you ask anyone where is food bazaar in Nagpur, I am sure the answer will be “IT park”. That’s why I am fond of this place. As we all know the popularity of fast foods is very high nowadays because of youngers. The youngster takes much interest in fast food. They love having food outside, prefer fast food to home-cooked food.
In the evening time, many people gather here to have food, & surrounding environment is very friendly. Moreover, I see many people taking an interest here that’s why they like to be here. The Ambazhari lake is located about a half kilometer away from IT park, and consequently, people who come to ambazhari lake often enter in IT part at night.

Main glances are here :

  • Since various fast foods are available here at a reasonable rate, the budget doesn’t let you worry about your pocket money. I am sure you will be able to choose whatever you want to eat.
  • The seating arrangement of every shop is so systematic that you can seat as long as you want comfortably.
  • As IT offices are here, the place seems to be professional, and people are professional for which it feels very easy to stay.
  • Since many people gather here in the evening, it looks like a fair. If you come here for the first time, the environment makes you feel better & you are bound to stay here.
  • As the Ambazhari lake is located within a half kilometer, walking around in this area became popular, & in their habits.
  • Since this is located on the main road from Ambazhari lake to Dikshabhoomi, many people visit even if they were from outside of Nagpur.

IT Fast Food Lists Menu :

Fast foods are famous here. Since the list of fast food is on-demand, various types of fast foods are cooked on customers’ orders. Quick order for the food can be done.
fast food lists

Major Fast Food Lists Are :

(1). Kolkata Rolls:

fast food lists

  • Veg roll 
  • Manchurian Roll 
  • Paneer Roll 
  • Paneer Crispy Roll 
  • Veg Crispy Roll 
  • Chicken Egg Roll 
  • Egg Roll
  • Egg Crispy Roll
  • Chicken Double Egg Roll 
  • Chicken Egg Crispy Roll

  (2). Sandwich:

fast food lists

  • Masala Cheese Sandwich
  • Masala Paneer Sandwich
  • Veg- Cheese Sandwich
  • Cheese Chatni Sandwich
  • Cheese Paneer Sandwich
  • Garlic Cheese Sandwich
  • Breakup Sandwich
  • Ashiq Sandwich
  • Club Sandwich
  • Tandoori Night Sandwich
  • Mexican Sandwich
  • Cheese Corn Sandwich
  • Pizza Pasta Sandwich
  • Makhana Sandwich
  • Chocolate Sandwich
  • Suicide Sandwich
  • Bahubali Sandwich

(3). Rice:

  • Egg Rice
  • Chicken Rice
  • Chicken Cocktail Rice
  • Paneer Fried Rice
  • Cocktail Paneer Rice
  • Paneer Schwann Rice
  • Manchurian Rice
  • Manchurian Cocktail Rice

(4). Soup:

  • Chicken Man chow Soup
  • Noodles Soup
  • Chicken Tomato Soup
  • Paneer Noodles Soup
  • Paneer Tomato Soup

(5). Snacks:

  • Chicken Chilly
  • Lollypop
  • Chicken Garlic
  • Roasted Chicken
  • Chicken Manchurian
  • Veg Chilly
  • Paneer Chilly
  • Paneer Manchurian
  • Veg Man chow

(6). Roll:

  • Chicken Roll
  • Egg Roll
  • Manchurian Roll
  • Paneer Roll
  • Chicken Chilly Roll
  • Egg Chicken Roll
  • Egg Manchurian Roll
  • Paneer Egg  Roll

(7). Noodles:

fast food lists

  • Egg Noodles
  • Chicken Noodles
  • Chicken Shezwan Noodles
  • Paneer Noodles
  • Cocktail Noodles
  • Paneer Shezwan Noodles
  • Manchurian Noodles
  • Manchurian Cocktail Noodles
  • Egg Chicken Noodles
  • Egg Chicken Cocktail Noodles
  • Cocktail Egg Paneer Noodles
  • Egg Paneer Cocktail Noodles
  • Egg Manchurian Noodles

(8). Special Rice:

  • Chicken Chilly Rice
  • Chicken Manchurian Rice
  • Roasted Rice
  • Chicken lollipop Rice
  • Paneer Chilly Rice
  • Paneer Manchurian Rice
  • Manchurian Chilly Rice

(9). Shawarma:

fast food lists

  • Regular Shawarma
  • Special Shawarma
  • Cheese Shawarma
  • Special Shawarma
  • Masala Shawarma
  • Open Shawarma

(10). Paratha:

fast food lists

  • Aloo Paratha
  • Paneer Paratha
  • Pyaj Paratha
  • Gobi Paratha
  • Mix Paratha
  • Methi Paratha

What is feedback?

Practically, many people who come here often feedback is taken by interested chefs as to foods that they have ordered & consumed. As the matter of fact is that people speak honestly about what they feel about staying here.
In conclusion, Every one of them who has been here suggested to many people that they should come here. Not only the chefs are like a friend but also those hospitalities are good. Frankly speaking, people love fast foods which are available here, especially shawarma, sandwich & noodles.    

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  1. If u live fast food then must visit to IT park in our city, it’s really delicious, each types of food r available, specially shawarma ,

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