open restaurant near me for dinner

Which is an open restaurant near me?

Let’s start with a new one!! It is time to enter an open restaurant near me for dinner to taste new or different types of foods. Nagpur has got a New Star Restaurant. Now, Nagpurian have a chance to keep their mind free from daily stresses because of this restaurant which brings them the best services because of good foods. Moreover, the celebration hall has also installed on the second floor, named “Patel Celebration Hall”.

open restaurant near me

Recently, the inauguration of this restaurant has been done at Kalmana. No one restaurant was as good as in this area, and it is assumed that this restaurant has been opened to welcome food lovers. Many delicious foods have been included. Secondly, this restaurant is the best for dinner because many of the light foods are cooked at night. Purely, this restaurant seems to be good in many parameters such as service, tasty foods, friendly behavior of staff members, well-maintained kitchen, seating arrangements.

open restaurant near me

Practically, a well-lined parking area has been allotted to adequate parking of vehicles. Since it is a reasonable restaurant, the poor can join this without worry. People who live near this restaurant feel to be lucky to have it near such a place.

What I experienced the first time?

It was a day when it was my friend’s birthday, and consequently, we convinced him for giving a birthday party again & again. He agreed to give a birthday party. Now that he had agreed to get together for a party, we had to decide where to have the time of life. A thing came to mind that there is a new restaurant in our area, & consequently, I searched ‘open restaurant near me’ on google to select a good restaurant which should be near. After finding this restaurant, I asked them what about going there for the first time?? a question arose. As we had decided to celebrate there, we reached the parking. I saw an area of parking and that was systemically constructed that every type of vehicle can be easily parked, moreover vehicles can be easily moved while returning.

We entered inside of that restaurant. What I saw as I entered there was welcomed beautifully in the gate. Many of us liked theirs welcoming. My friend said that he had never seen such a restaurant and hospitality in any other restaurant in Nagpur. Arrangements of all tables were systematically set up. While I was beholding everything finely, my friends were busy choosing what to take the order. When it was my turn to order I went for “Dosa”. We all ordered according to our own interest in food.

open restaurant near me

Our dishes were served in 15 min of ordering. Surely, I can say I have not forgotten that taste yet. Having been completed our celebration, while we were about to leave from there, the manager came to us to take feedback. The manager asked what we felt there. we would soon come there I replied. At last, we took aniseed, & saying goodbye we left.

Look at its specialty an open restaurant near me for dinner !!  

(1). Since it is new now, it started growing gradually & they try to implement services & hospitality. Your happiest moment can be captured

(2). Most of the staff members are active in a quick serving as well as takes a look at the table of customers whenever they order for food.

open restaurant near me

(3). Many dinner foods are available at a reasonable rate, so any people can easily afford according to interest. No rate issue here.

(4). Nowadays, we see many restaurants have common problems of parking, but the parking area was considered a major part of the restaurant, consequently, the restaurant has a large part of the area so that visitors can be easily parked their vehicles.

(5). If one will not be able to join, parcel facilities are available here. You can carry safely as much as you can. Certainly, taste of foods can be taken at home as well by parcel service.

(6). Collaborations are the key to this restaurant. It is important to any restaurant that attracts visitors that they can come again and again. Personally, they act as a family member.

(7). This restaurant is also known as a “family restaurant” because of “Star Special Thali”.

(8). Besides delicious foods, they have included “Star dairy”, which contains – Milk, Panner, Yogurt, Shrikhand, Ghee, & Sweet as well.

(9). Furthermore, daily needs are available here like cold drinks, biscuits, cakes, chips, ice-cream, etc.

open restaurant near me

 Where is an open restaurant near me for dinner ??


Star restaurant and Patel celebration hall, near Bhawani Mata Mandir,

Kalamna, Nagpur, Maharashtra 441001.


Mobile No. 9270177462, 9011420955

What is the open restaurant near me for dinner foods’ Menu ?? 

There are various foods in this good restaurant near me. Various foods have been included because of people’s demand for their dinner.

There is the complete list of foods:

Foods’ Menu Rate/plate
Green Salad 30.00
Mix Salad 35.00


Hot Drinks:
Foods’ Menu Rate/plate
Coffee 30.00
Tea 20.00


South Indian foods:
Foods’ Menu Rate/plate
Star Special Dosa 50.00
Paper Masala Dosa 45.00
Masur Masala Dosa 55.00
Masur Plain Dosa 50.00
Spring Masala Dosa 60.00
Paneer Masala Dosa 60.00
Paneer Plain Dosa 55.00
Onion Butter Masala Dosa 65.00
Onion Butter Plain Dosa 60.00
Onion Masala Dosa 65.00
Onion Plain Dosa 60.00
Masala Dosa 50.00
Plain Dosa 40.00
Onion Uttapam 65.00
Mix Uttapam 70.00
Tomato Uttapam 70.00
Onion Butter Uttapam 75.00
Mix Butter Uttapam 80.00
Sambhar Bada 30.00


Foods’ Menu Rate/plate
Sambhar Samosa 25.00
Sambhar Kachori 25.00
Dahi Samosa 30.00
Dahi Kachori 35.00
Khaman Dokla 30.00
Dahi Bada 35.00
Chhola Samosa 35.00
Chhola Kachori 35.00


Foods’ Menu Rate/plate
Chola Bhatura 70.00
Extra Bhatura 30.00
Extra Chola 30.00
Pav bhaji 50.00
Extra Pav 15.00
Special Fry Idli 35.00
Special Jain Pav Bhaji 40.00
Tawa Pulav 80.00
Extra Bhaji 30.00


Foods’ Menu Rate/plate
Tomato Soup 50.00
Hot on Sour Soup 50.00
Manchu Soup 50.00
Veg Soup 50.00


Foods’ Menu Rate/plate
Bundi Rayta 40.00
Pineapple Rayta 50.00
Veg Rayta 40.00
Mix Rayta 50.00


Foods’ Menu Rate/plate
1 Roasted Papad 10.00
Masala Papad 20.00
Fry Papad 15.00


Foods’ Menu Rate/plate
Veg Noodles 50.00
Hakka Noodles 60.00
Veg Fry Rice 70.00
Veg Manchurian 70.00
Krispy Veg 80.00
Chili Paneer 100.00
Paneer Fried Rice 90.00
Paneer Noodles 90.00
Mushroom Noodles 100.00

Rice (Pulav):
Foods’ Menu Rate/plate
Plain Rice 50.00
Jira Rice 60.00
Veg Pulav 80.00
Veg Biryani 90.00
Kashmiri Pulav 100.00
Hyderabad Biryani 100.00
Paneer Pulav 110.00
Mutter Paneer Pulav 120.00
Dal Khichdi 80.00
Curd Rice 70.00


Indian Dish:
Foods’ Menu Rate/plate
Paneer Butter Masala 140.00
Shahi Paneer 145.00
Malai Kofta 135.00
Methi Mutter Malai 135.00
Navaratnam Korma 135.00
Paneer Pasanda 135.00
Paneer Shahi Korma 145.00
Paneer Tikka Masala 150.00
Kadhai Paneer 155.00
Paneer Masala 135.00
Paneer Kolhapuri 140.00
Palak Paneer 130.00
Paneer Garlic Masala 150.00
Paneer Kari Tomato 135.00
Dhaba Paneer 145.00
Mutter Paneer 130.00
Paneer Takatak 150.00
Paneer Bhurji 160.00
Mix Veg 100.00
Veg Kolhapuri 110.00
Veg Kofta 100.00
Twa Veg 100.00
Veg Anguri 100.00
Kadhai Veg 100.00
Veg Makhanwala 120.00
Veg Andakari 100.00
Dum Aloo 80.00
Banarsi Aloo 90.00
Baigan Bharta 80.00
Baigan Masala 65.00
Bhindi Masala 70.00
Aloo-Gobi Masala 70.00
Gobi Masala 70.00
Chola Masala 80.00
Palak Mutter 80.00
Stop Tomato 70.00
Mushroom Kawala 110.00
Kaju Kari 140.00
Fruit Kaju Masala 150.00
Green Piece Masala 150.00
Aloo Chola 80.00
Aloo Palak 70.00
Mix Star Special Dish 140.00
Savaji Paneer 150.00


Dal Damdar:
Foods’ Menu Rate/plate
Dal Fry 70.00
Dal Tadka 80.00
Jira Dal 50.00
Dal Kolhapuri 75.00
Dal Do Pyaza 75.00


Thali (fix):
Foods’ Menu Rate/plate
Star Special Thali: 180.00
2 Sabji, 1 Dal, Half Rice, 6 Roti, Papad, Sweet 1 piece.
 Star Deluxe Thali: 160.00
2 Sabji, 1 Dal, Half Rice, 4 Roti, Papad.


Star Dairy:

Dairy’s Menu

What visited peoples’ feedback?

Finally, valuables feedbacks are taken from people while leaving from there. According to feedbacks, many of them confessed to having good experiences with this restaurant. The matter of fact is that foods are delicious which attract most customers, most of them says.

Customers like its hospitality, friendly behavior of staff members & cool seating arrangement. Secondly, since dairy products are easily available here, people are pleased to buy at a reasonable rate. Additionally, people like celebrating a birthday, wedding anniversary & get-together party in celebration hall.


In summary, I would suggest visiting here once. openly speaking, I must say you will love its service, foods & hospitality as well. Practically, Celebration has been maintained so clean that everyone who has visited, likes celebrating here. This is the best place where you can taste various foods, & celebrate as well.


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