Tasty Foods : Santosh Pakodewala’s Magic

Tasty Foods at Santosh’s Pakodewala Hotel :

Wow!! What tasty foods are !! I have never tasted such dhokla anywhere. It is fantastic ever!! & what’s more, at a reasonable rate for such foods!!
Practically, “Santosh Pakodewala” is known for his some of the tasty foods. Pakode is one of the famous food of this hotel. A well-crowded shop in the evening time seems to be full of his new customer. Frankly speaking, his smelling tasty foods are enough to attract most of the commuters.

Tasty Foods

In the evening, a large number of the commuters can be seen having his foods. To attract the commuters, they make sure their hospitality over customer satisfaction. Large attractive boards are enough to show theirs interest in products. Before purchasing the foods, all of the customers need to take coupons according to the demand of foods, & after taking coupons, everyone has to stand in the queue to maintain proper order one by everyone is maintaining discipline, & that’s what I want to tell you that according to proper planning, all works are being done.

The main fact is that some of the famous foods have been included to target those people who are fond of having the same foods again & again.  He has many employees who are laborious at working. Everybody admires while eating here. I must say in that area no one hotel is as famous as “Santosh Pakodewala” 

Tasty Foods


A short memory at “Pakodewala” :

When I was returning from my site, I saw many people eating at the same place. I stopped I saw it was a hotel, named “Santosh Pakodewala”.
People were eating interestingly. after watching them, I wished to taste to know why people were gathered in large number. I parked my bike in the parking area & went to the counter. I saw some customers ordering the foods through coupons.

Many of them were taking coupons, likewise, I stood in the queue to buy coupons. I chose to eat “Dhokla”. I could watch how mannerly they were handling all works. After taking the coupon, I stood in a queue for taking my food. I showed my coupon to him, consequently, he gave me my dhokla. I took and stood there, & started eating. Wow!! that was so yummy taste!! Everyone, whoever was there, was very excited about having their food. Commuters saw us eating, so they also joined us. In the evening, many customers can be seen visiting in large number.


What are the specialties of Santosh Pakodewala??

  • All foods are awesome in taste. The quality of food is better than other hotels which are located in that area.
  • The main strength of this hotel is workers who are very friendly and cooperative.
  • Staff members are discipline towards theirs work, & know how to serve gently.
  • A coupon facility is available, that’s why customers can easily place their order without hesitation.
  • To avoid mob while purchasing, there is a better arrangement of the queue which handles by one of them in staff.
  • Despite close to ring road, parking arrangement is responsible as they spy on the vehicles so that customers don’t need to worry about stealing his vehicles.
  • Proper drinking water counters and bins for throwing waste are maintained cleanly throughout.
  • Mosquitoes and fly’s the free hotel.

Tasty Foods

  • Intentionally, the same taste maintains that people expect from here.
  • Parcel facility is available here. Foods wrap up by well paper bags so that the parcel can be fresh as long as it can be.
  • CCTV cameras spy on various activities.
  • Certainly, a very friendly environment makes you spellbound entirely.
  • The large kitchen has been prepared to quick order preparations to provide quick services.
  • Some of the foods keep in such a way that it could be fresh as long as it is sold.


Where can you visit?

Omkar Nagar Square, Chandramani Nagar, Rameshwari, Nagpur, 

Maharashtra 440027, India

Let’s see why Santosh Pakodewala’ tasty foods are famous :

As we all know our ” Santosh Pakodewala” is mainly famous for his foods, & what’s more theirs service as to management.

Followings are tasty foods list – 

Tasty Foods

Those tasty foods list :

  • Mung Pakoda

Rate : full – 35/-  &  half – 25/-

  • Bread Pakoda

Rate : full – 25/-  &  half – 15/-

  • Dhokla

Rate : full – 25/-  &  half – 15/-

  • Samosa

Rate : full – 20/-  &  half – 10/-


Besides from above delicious foods, these are also here in fabulous taste & quality :
  • Hot milk
  • Kesar dry fruit lassi
  • Hot Gulab jamun
  • Hot Kala Jamun
  • Coconut lassi
  • Jalebi
  • Various types of pedal & laddu.

Tasty Foods

About Tasty Foods, What visitors say :

Many people come, but when it comes to asking them how is your experience as to “Santosh Pakodewala”. Many of the people like taste & quality of the foods. When it is asked to many people as to foods, frankly, they say the way of cooking is better & that’s why the taste of every food has top-notch taste.

Many of them say the arrangement of selling is better than others. As the parking arrangement is good, people admire to stay here for a long time. People who come first time please to taste here. Most of the people prefer parcel to eat here. They notice staff working gently & in a good manner.

Conclusion : 

Practically, overviewing all the parameters, I must say there are very few hotels as good as ” Santosh Pakodewala”. If you are fond of eating Pakoda, dhokla, jalebi, samosa, you should visit. The seating arrangement systematically arranges so that anyone can enjoy his food. You can go with your friends, family & loved ones. Sweets are enough to make you greed in taste, hence you can gift your loved one in festivals.


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